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Keep Consistent And Stick To Your Audience Selector Williams-Carol Nantongo


To: Carol Nantongo @carol_nantongo

Am liking her recent line of attitude towards style and fashion!

A young youthful Music Artiste can be still appealing without going half Naked!

Carol Nantongo is among several other young female Music entertainers and I would like to encourage her to keep more responsible and decent so that she can keep entertaining her followers and fans responsibly!

I strongly believe that she has a very strong,unique and lovely singing voice which makes her lucky and more able to achieve many of her goals in times to come.

She just needs to run away from inconsistency and stick to the very meaningful audience she has always targeted.

And her ability to do various Music Styles due to the flexibility of her voice box shouldn’t make her management force her as a brand to migrate form one genre to another every now and then!

In my opinion, her best styles are limited to CONTEMPORARY RYTHM & BLUES ,AFRO ZOUK,AFRO POP and a fusion of REGGAE ROOTS and CONTEMPOLARY RUMBA especially if programmed by PADDY MAN,BRIAN JJ & CROUCH.

NESIM and DIGI BOUR will Always be key if she feels like doing CARIBBEAN SOCA and YORUBA or even any mid tempo Dance,Urban and Afro Dance style.

I strongly believe that Carol Nantongo is totally an Afro Music Artiste.

Also,Management shouldn’t concentrate on getting media exposure alone, but also on building a long lasting revenue generating Music Brand.

She shouldn’t mind other successful young Music Artistes who do different Music Styles and target totally different Audiences.

MORE EMPHASIS, I have not so many young female Artistes who can sing and make me grow goose Bums like it happens whenever I listen to any song by Carol Nantongo,however ,apart from a golden singing voice there are several other factors that make up a Successful Music Artiste.

My Opinion Just.

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